I bought Max from Countryside Kennels two years ago and this dog is so loyal. Max parents are Stryker (Sire) and Stella (Dam). We have a 3 year old and this dog has protected him and my girlfriend. One weekend I was away and my girlfriend said Max had heard gunshots in the neighborhood. She quickly got out of bed to see what was going on and noticed Max headed to our sons bedroom to check up on our son. Max quickly notice he was safe then went into our bedroom put his paws on the window and started to growl making his presence known. I’ve never trained Max to guard that was is natural instinct and his breed type. His days around the house consists of being a pup and loving everyone. His favorite thing to do is play tug-o-war with us. Derek and the family have made it so pleasant to buy dogs from. They’ve always answered any questions I’ve had about their dogs. Thank you