I was looking into a new Shepherd and talked to several breeders; in hindsight, I was spot on in what I wanted in a dog with Derek and Kara and their breed of Shepherd. I’ve had “WTF”, aka. Whiskey for 6 weeks. No issues what so ever in anxiousness, accidents, temper, or behavior other than the normal “I’m a puppy”. He has been to 4 obedience classes and then for leadership and protection to follow from a former military dog handler/state task force handler/ FEMA handler who is working with me to get him to the level I desire. Dog has very high prey drive can turn it on when needed, can also be my couch buddy when we need to be. There is a bond and communication with this breed of dog that isn’t like many others and you don’t even have to always give a command. Out in public he is a smash, I take him to 3 to 5 new places a week. I have to plan twice the time for errands because everyone wants to see my pup and is with me 90% of the time on a daily basis.

In my opinion I made the best choice in this dog with Countryside Kennels. I’m happy I found a breeder that is knowledgeable about his breed and is on point on the expectations of how their dogs will develop and personalities. As time goes on I plan on getting another pup from Derek and Kara once Whiskey can become a mentor to the next dog. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dog that can switch it on, switch it off and is intelligent enough to be that additional family member that fits in with little to no issues and that will create great memories for someone or their family.

Thank you Kara and Derek, you make our family a little bigger and a lot more love to spread around, along with a little slobber.