I have had the privilege to work with dogs for 50 years. Amazing dogs. 2 Husky-Sheperds, and a pure 95 lb Akita, and 85 lb German Shepherd. There was also a lab mix, pure Golden Retriever – and while they were totally great companions and fun, they weren’t working breeds. They were also really smart, loyal, protective but not fighters and got along with kids. I’d admired the Belgian Malinois for a number of years and, when my lab mix suddenly and tragically died, I was devastated. Wasn’t certain I was up for raising another pup. But then, I just bit the bullet. I’d been following Countryside for a number of months, looking all over the West, but just kept coming back to their “ethos” – how they live their lives. So I drove out,(yes Kara, with an appointment) and got to observe some of the dogs, the kids hauling out a couple of litters, horses running around (btw, the youngest was driving a van around the property) – AND – all these adult males and females were as “cool as a cucumber.” I got my pup (thought I was getting a female, but watching the pups roll around I like what I observed about the one with a blaze on its chest – turned out it was the brother of the female. I got the male.) I’ve been doing scent training with him – he excels. Without a doubt, this is the smartest dog I have ever had the privilege to work with – he’s great around kids, lives with 2 cats, walked the streets of Denver, Colorado, greets people with a tail doing circles. Oh, and I have a couple of bears in my neighborhood.
That is a REALLY long way of saying that I think Countryside Kennels, with the whole kit and caboodle, are bringing exceptional dogs into the world.