Drax has been in our family for just over three weeks, he is about 14 weeks old, he amazes us everyday. Granted we are diligently working with him, but his aptitude is outstanding. He was house trained in 2 days with only one minor accident on day 3 due to human error. When Drax needs to go outside he brings the corresponding person one of their shoes!! He figured that out all on his own. We started Puppy 101 immediately and he mastered Sit, Down, Sit in the first session. The second session he schooled all the others in Come and even followed it with Sit directly after. He Waits patiently for his leash amd politely walks out the door. He is 14 weeks old. He is attentive, assertive, and gentle with his bite. The care that Derrek and Kara and their family put into their dogs is overwhelmingly evident even in these early stages with Drax. We are an active family and expect Drax to be a part of everything we do. He is learning the ropes and meets new experiences with confidence. We are so pleased to have found Derrek and Kara and even more pleased to have Drax (from Karma & Chief) in our lives. We already know we will get another dog from them in the future.