We got our puppy from Derek and Kara right at 3 months old.  On our trip there we had a different puppy in mind but our Sascha ended up “choosing” my son while we were in the kennel with the pups. One year later, we are more than pleased with her.  She is the sibling and the protector my son needed. It is amazing to train her.  All we need do is run through a command maybe 3 times and this girl has it down. We have acreage and she has never run away or has never not listened to her commands. We have a Dutch Shepherd from a different breeder and let me tell you from first hand experience, the breeding and the initial upbringing is 100% what makes a difference in a dogs personality. We love our Dutch but when we go back for another Shepherd we will be going back to Derek and Kara. To say she is a good dog is just an understatement. She was potty trained and kennel trained very quickly. She follows my son all around the property doing toddler things, fetching, they lay around together when they want to cuddle, and she is the best running partner. Aside from all that, she is the most beautiful Belgian we have ever seen! We get comments on her everywhere we go. We made the best decision driving to Derek and Kara and letting our Sascha choose us. You guys will be seeing us again 🙂