Hello, Derek and Kara! Today is Ragnar’s 7 month birthday! He is doing great and is truly a remarkable dog. He is very funny and affectionate and loves to play. We have been having him professionally trained since he was 5 months old and our trainer has fallen in love with him. She says he is remarkably confident and intelligent. He already does heel, sit, down and place….all off leash! He is very active and loves to run as much as he likes to walk. We have been doing doggy day care every day during the week and he does awesome with other dogs. The staff at the day care love him as well. We also have taken him every weekend to Bass Pro Shop and he does great with people as well. Ragnar is truly the dog we have been searching for and will be an integral part of our family for years to come!
Thank you for your breeding program and your dedication!
Kent and Corrie