I got Osa from Derek and Kara in 2017 – she has been my right hand ever since. Beyond easy to train, has a the drive of a working dog and the temperament of a service dog. I joke and say she is my spirit animal, but she really is. She is from the Josey and Striker 2017 litter (Shepherd/Mal) and is literally the best dog I have ever had. Even with age she hasn’t lost any athleticism and works hard for me every day. She can turn it on if needed and to this day has never not been between myself and a threat – mainly wildlife (griz) but also suspicious humans. Her temperament is perfect and she loves children and cats – something I attest to her getting the basic puppy training while still at the kennel. Anywho, these folks are legit when it comes to breeding and training I couldn’t ask for a better dog. Thank you for being such a quality kennel!