My husband was searching for a smart AND obedient dog and found Countryside Kennels online. After much research and talking to Derek for over an hour, we decided one of the pups would be a good match. I was concerned about a “big” dog as we had a dachshund and a basenji already at home. Derek assured us that one of the pups would be great for the “pack”. We ended up with a GORGEOUS female that people literally stop in the middle of the road to ask about. Midnight has been with us just shy of a year, and the whole process of her coming to live with us in Virginia was easy and she is absolutely wonderful. She went through training with a professional trainer and we are able to walk her off leash around the neighborhood and we take her out wherever we go. We love her and she has been a great addition to our family! Thank you Derek and Kara for such a precious gift!

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