We drove to Colorado from Michigan after researching breeders around the country who blend Shepherds. We picked up Molly P. at 12 weeks old – she’s from Sarge and Penny. She is a sibling and protector to our 8 year old. She protects, without being aggressive, all of the kiddos in our neighborhood who come to play love her – she alerts them and us of any strangers or strange animals on our property. Molly has been a dream to train. She learns very quickly which makes training so much fun with her. We live on property with a nature preserve behind us and she has never wandered off or not came on recall on the property. Wherever one of us is, she is there with us. She is wary of strangers but never aggressive. We consider her to slow to warm up but she always warms up to those outside of her bubble when given time. She is gorgeous as well and we get compliments and questions about her every where we go. We are so pleased with our happy and super sweet pup. I’m ready to come back for a second one. 🙂 Thank you for breeding such a sweet dog.

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