This dog is absolutely amazing. We bought Sunny as a 2 year old during the pandemic, and we could not be more pleased about her willingness to protect our children without being unnecessarily aggressive. She has an uncanny ability to know when she needs to be watchful and when she can relax. We weren’t sure about my daughter showing this dog in 4-H, because she is a high-powered and strong dog, but she has been fantastic. Despite my daughter being a first year showman last year, they worked hard and won the Overall Grand Champion, Hi-Point dog as well as reserve overall dog in the open show following the County Fair. This year, they won the Agility, Rally (obedience on steroids!), and Obedience classes again! Sunny loves children, to the extent that she is completely relaxed in a herd of new kids she never met who loved on her at the fair. She is even great with our cats, playing with them and sounding ferocious but never hurting them. She gets along with other dogs when playing and only has issues if another dog is aggressive toward us or our kids, which is exactly what we want. We were so impressed that she could handle the stress of showing and the press of all those other dogs! Thank you for this amazing blend. You hit the jackpot when you came up with them, and we hit the jackpot with this dog!