I have been following these breeders for about 3 years and we had been discussing getting another dog, prior to our ten year old dutch shephard (Gator) passing away last July. It just so happened that I visited the site about a week after that horrid day, and Willy and Gaga had a litter, which was 2 days prior to our dogs passing, and they still had not all been sold out. After discussion with my wife, we made the deposit and 10 weeks later, we picked up our Allie-gator.

To say she is a good dog would be a huge understatement. Potty training was a breeze and after installing doors to allow the dogs to help themselves to the dog run, which they took to in minutes, Allie is now 10 months old and is free roaming in the house when we are gone, without accidents.

short version AWESOME DOG!!

Thank you,

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