We have the absolute best dog ever from Derek and Kara! We got Avery from them over a year ago and could not be happier. Avery is the sweetest, gentlest, most fun and cutest boy. He is 2 now and crazy smart! We got him to be a service dog to my husband and he takes his job very seriously. He was easy to train and now impresses people daily with his skills and demeanor. He is funny, goofy, sweet and loving. He absolutely changed our life and has helped my husband to heal. He loves to go hiking, biking and skiing with us or he’s happy to hang at home and watch a movie. I highly recommend anyone to get a pup from Derek. He knows his dogs so well and can help you pick the right one. I talked with him on the phone prior to us coming to the ranch to pick out a pup. He recommended our sweet Avery to us and could not have been more right. He is a perfect fit for us. Not only is he a beautiful dog (which people stop us everyday to comment on), he is the sweetest. He’s great with kids, all other dogs and everyone in general. He is so intuitive and can sense potential threats to you or your family. His is aware of everything going on and only reacts if he thinks something or someone might harm his family but never in an aggressive way. He just alerts you to any potentially unpleasant situation. If you’re even slightly interested in a dog from countryside kennels do yourself a favor and just go for it! Can’t thank Derek and Kara enough for giving us our furry little dude!