My Malinois has changed my life. He is protective, intelligent, amazing with children of all ages, and we share a connection that is once in a lifetime. This dog has brought me so much joy and companionship. I decided to get a Malinois when I moved to a new city and lived alone. Ace is so smart and can predict a threatening situation. He knows the difference between play and when to be protective/defensive and amazes me everyday. The past two years I have watched him learn and develop a personality. He has been around children and adults of all ages and is so gentle. He is the happiest dog I have ever met and shows endless love.

Derek has been so great. Ace is my first dog and Derek helped me through the process and addressed all of my concerns. I had been researching breeders for a year before I came across Countryside Kennels. I knew from the moment I spoke with Derek that this would be the perfect choice. I am so grateful to have found Ace, no person or animal could ever replace him.