We got our sweet Piper in August. What I can say is that Derek and Kara are absolutely customer-oriented and make every effort to ensure you get the puppy you want. We visited their facility and saw all of the dogs, which really helped us see that they genuinely care about their dogs. Piper is now almost 6 months old. She is house trained, knows basic obedience, and learns VERY quickly. She has gone on hikes with us, car rides, been around horses, and in crowds. She also goes to dinner with us to “pet-friendly” locations and will sit next to our table quietly. She is willing to try anything. When we take her to Lowe’s or other stores that she is allowed in, we get multiple comments not only on how beautiful she is, but how attentive and well-behaved she is. Overall: she is everything we wanted and even more than that. Piper has blended beautifully with our active family!