Countryside Kennel’s dog breeding’s  goal is to provide you with the all-around dog that is the “Lassie” type, not in look but in loyalty and protection. Our dogs make a great family dog! They are very active and enjoy going for hikes or walks. We take pride in what we do and we know you’ll love our dogs.

I have 30 years of dog training and dog breeding experience. My dog training experience includes training protection, French Ring, Schutzhund, bird dogs, sled dogs and herding dogs. Anyone that has had a dog that has shown the pure enjoyment of being able to perform for what they have been bred for, understands. Those are dogs that have the human connection to succeed at any task to where dog and human succeed. It’s hard to explain unless you have had that moment.

Although I have tapped into police lines, the German Shepherd females I am breeding are the type that are super sweet but have the brain power, physique and are extremely bonding. They look after our children.

You’ve heard all the stories about the “good ole shepherd” and “it’s just hard to beat a good shepherd” and that’s exactly what we’re after! I have found that the pure German Shepherds in current years have too many health issues and they start to age and fall apart around 7 or 8 years old, which is  the reason why we’re crossing them.  I love everything about the pure bred Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd but sometimes they can be too much dog for the average person and environment. The cross between the breeds is producing a very solid, relaxed, bonding dog and you can see improvement on health, coat and longevity.

Now that I am married and have children, I don’t have as much time for dog sports. I do live on a farm and I still prefer the working temperament but I may not need some of the extreme working drive that are bred for specific tasks per say, such as herding, police, etc. but I do believe there is a happy medium to have an energetic, smart, alert, crazy athletic-ability dog. Those dogs (our dogs) can be used for jogging, hiking, etc. or simply a dog that just gets it with a zest for life. Whether it’s just babysitting my children on the farm which in itself is an extremely important job because of strangers, snakes, and coyotes; the fact that those dogs know right from wrong and can make these decisions on their own is something special.

All three breeds bond like no other and can take whatever life throws at them. These dogs adore our children and are able to shut down when they are in our home. Our goal is an all-around dog that is the “Lassie” type not in look but in loyalty and protection. I am after breeding the type of dog that barks at strangers but does not full out attack, is still able to go to dog parks and enjoy hiking and is the perfect jogging companion. These dogs should be capable of search and rescue, herding and protection. Our dogs have had zero health issues and minimal shedding of the coat. Some of our dogs have made it to 16 years old and the eyes, hips, shoulders have held up! The response from past puppy homes have been overwhelming positive. I will never get tired of hearing those stories from happy people who have gotten the dog they want; those that are simply after a “good dog”!


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