What is a “Countryside Blend”?

We have crossed a Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd and Dutch Shepherd.



How long does the New Puppy Board & Train Package take?

The training takes 2 weeks once the puppy has turned 8 weeks old.




What is involved in the New Puppy Board & Train Package?

Your puppy will be crate trained and leash broke.  The crate allows the puppy to learn bladder control and help them get over the whining phase.  Leash breaking a puppy will teach them to walk on a leash.




What do I need to bring with me when I come for a visit?

You need to bring the Waiver of Liability form with you completed with everyone’s name on it that is visiting.  It can be found and printed out from our Dogs for Sale page or at the bottom of any page including this one. Dress accordingly as we have strong winds and cooler temperatures at times.




What will I receive once I pick up my puppy?

You will receive a signed copy of your purchase agreement, the current treatment records, a dog leash and a sample bag of dog food that we are currently using. BUT the best thing of all, we bathe your puppy and they get a nail trim!  The puppy will be all fresh and clean for their ride home!




What brand of dog food is the puppy currently eating?

We use Diamond Puppy until around the age of 8 weeks old and then we change them to Diamond Hi-Energy.  It can be found at any pet supply store, feed store or  We have the dog food available for you upon request.




Should I buy a collar for my puppy prior to picking him or her up?

We suggest to wait on getting a collar until you see the size of your puppy.  Puppy size changes daily so we don’t recommend buying it prior to your pickup date.




What will be discussed with me when I pick up our puppy?

We will cover diet, treatment records, general crate training tips, general leash breaking tips, how to prevent separation anxiety, potential general bad behaviors that a puppy could have for the first 3 months and anything else you would like to cover. Your visit will be scheduled for one hour and we will need the full hour to cover everything with you.




My puppy is staying for the New Puppy Board & Train Package, can I leave a personal item behind for the puppy to know my “smell”?

Unfortunately we say no to this.  We train the puppy with nothing in the crate as the puppy is learning bladder control.  Your “smell” will be gone from the item within 2 days of the puppy having it so they will still not know you when you come to pick them up in 2 weeks.  Also usually any items given to a puppy, it will become a chew toy.  They do not know the difference.




What type and size of crate do we use for crate training the puppy?

We use a travel/airline style crate to train the puppy in.  The size of the crate is 32 x 23 x 24. We have one available for you upon request.  We have found that the wire mesh style crates can be easily escaped from and the puppy can hurt themselves in it.




How can I pay the remainder amount due on my puppy?

We accept Cash, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal and all major Credit Cards for payment options.  If paying by credit card, you can pay once you are here to pick up your puppy or select the make a payment tab on the website.  If paying by Venmo, Zelle or PayPal, contact us by email for link or account information.  *Please note we no longer accept any kind of check.




Where can I find a copy of the Purchase Agreements to review prior to picking up my puppy?

The Purchase Agreements can be found under the Dogs for Sale tab.




On my scheduled day to pick up my puppy, can I come earlier than my scheduled time?

Unfortunately, no.  All scheduled times are based on when your deposit is received.  You would not be able to “jump” ahead of someone else for selection.  If the scheduled day and time does not work for you, than your next option would be to forfeit your selection spot and be moved to the last pick and come at a later time that works for you.  We ask that you come as close to your scheduled time as possible otherwise you will have to wait in your vehicle until your scheduled time.  Everyone is scheduled for one hour and there may be someone ahead of you and we want no one rushed or time cut short.




What if I can’t pick up my puppy on the scheduled date?

Your puppy would be moved to a boarding fee of $30.00 per day for every day after the scheduled date.  There will be no training of any sort during this period.  We do offer the 2 week New Puppy Training Package for $400.00.  Depending on how long you are needing boarding for, in some situations it would make financial sense to do the New Puppy Training Package instead.  Please make arrangements with us in advance if you are unable to make your scheduled day.




How and when do I find out when my scheduled date and time for selection of my puppy is?

We will email you once the puppies are 4 weeks old with your scheduled date and time and along with any other pertinent information. Once you have received this email, please confirm that you have received the email.  If we do not have a response received, you may jeopardize your placement in line.



What is the average size of a Countryside Blend female & male?

The average size of a female is 50-65 lbs.  The average male size is 65-75 lbs.  This all depends on the bloodlines of the pairings and we can not guarantee weight of any puppy.

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