Pet Boarding Sevices


Pet Boarding Services Phone Number:

Boarding Services has a separate phone number from our Breeding and Training phone number. To schedule an appointment for pet boarding services, please call 719.342.9615.

Hours of Operation:


8 AM – 5 PM

We offer 3 available times Monday-Saturday for drop off and pickup.  8:00am, 12:00pm and 5:00pm.

You will need to have an appointment with us to visit the facility.

There is no service outside of business hours or on any major National Holidays unless otherwise listed.

If service is requested on a Sunday or on a major National Holiday, an additional full day boarding per pet is applied to the invoice. This option is solely at the discretion of the owner.

What you need to know:

  • Your pet will be kenneled while you board your pet with Countryside Kennels, LLC and the kennel may have a raised floor. In some cases a pet crate may be used to kennel and/or transport by vehicle your pet.
  • Please ask what the schedule for your pet will be for bathroom breaks, to stretch, to socialize, etc. as to every pet has different needs and wants.
  • If your pet becomes ill or injured while in our care, Countryside Kennels, LLC will take him or her to Vondy & Powell Veterinary in Burlington, Colorado for their veterinarian care. If your pet dies while in our care, Countryside Kennels, LLC will transport the body to Vondy & Powell Veterinary for safe keeping or cremation and we will notify the owner immediately.
  • In some circumstances, your pet may be commingled with other dogs from different owners/households.
  • Your pet must be current on all vaccinations including the Bordetella vaccine.  Countryside Kennels, LLC will not accept any pet for boarding services that does not have proof of current vaccinations.

Facility Closures 2022

  • None at this time

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     Indoor Kennels

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Indoor/Outdoor Runs

Boarding Prices

Half Day

$15.00 /pet


8 AM-12 PM

12 PM-5 PM

5 PM-8 AM (This option is only available for pets that need to be boarded before 8 AM the following day)

Full Day

$30 /pet


8 AM-5 PM

24-hour Service

Boarding Contract

Start Time

End Time

Does your pet have any allergies?

Is your pet on any medications?

Do you give your pet any off-label products?

Is your pet on any kind of special diet?

Does your pet jump fences or try to dig out when kept in enclosures?

Does your pet get along with other animals?

Would you like us to provide the pet food? (If no, please provide your pets food in a plastic container with a sealed lid. Please label with your pets name.)

Is your pet current on all vaccinations including Bordetella? (Please email the vaccination records to after you submit your contract. Please include your full name in the subject line of the email.)

9 + 14 =

Payment is due upon pickup. We offer no monthly invoices. We accept cash, checks (Local Only), Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, and all major credit cards. All credit card transactions will have a surcharge fee of 3.5% added to the total invoice price.

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